Project Sketch #5 Artillery Comparison

11th grade Algebra 2 Class

4. Q: Using one core concept, what real life contexts and other subjects can be incorporated?
A: Quadratic Equations/ Parabolas
History can be incorporated with the research of Military artillery throughout US or world wars. Physics can also be incorporated with the study of projectile motion.

5. Q: Incorporate Bloom’s Taxonomy to push past rote learning.
A: Examine 5 pieces of military artillery and classify strengths and weaknesses of each. Create an illustration that compares the artillery and propose 3 ways to improve upon 1 piece.

6. Q: Authentic interactions and 21st century skills
A: Talk to Firearms expert. Create experiments to compare angle and velocity of artillery. Use a web 2.0 tool to create illustration and publish recommendations.

7. Q: Students’ interests?
A: Students may know someone in the military. Research any culture and time period they wish. Gives math an application they can see.

8. Q: Learning dispositions
A: Curiosity, cooperation, persistence, courage

NCTM Standards and Expectations